Friday, July 15, 2005

Mid Term Test~

Woke up at 9 something this morning. I was a bit late but went to class with Fiz.. After my tutorial Putri, Fiz and I went down CLC there- our tutor also at CLC. We went to vote for de ?? I donno what was that.. hmm.. ?? Student representative.. De general wan got 5 person and de representative for alpha student got 3 person. I don;t like that Michelle.. So far I just heard Syafiq that fellow wanna vote for her.. cz she's her friend lar.. She's fake.. I voted for another Malay girl and chinese boy.. Although I don't know that guy I still voted him.. Ha, ha..
That Malay girl ar.. not bad.. speaks well.. and in confidence..hmm.. Then I went to luch with Fiz and Putri. Putri joined her friends in another table and me n Fiz.. I had nasi goreng Kampung. 2 bucks only ler.. And it's so nice.. Finally i found something cheap+ delicious.. Last time de nasi goreng Pattaya not as good as de mamak wan.. So I ignored it d...
Washed my clothes d ler.. But later have to clean de dust on my pc la.. Clean clean clean~~~!!
Haiz.. HD's test on next thur.. I haven't prepare yet.. God.. How to go to hell this time?? Ahhhhh...
I don't know lar!! The only thing is my mind is just to do well my econs.. accounting.. and maths!
Everything went well at first but it goes tougher indeed.. I have to work hard for it! kambateh neh!! Haiz.. So confusing lar.. Econ is not that difficult. It's all on de surface and just have to understand it.. that's it..Haiz.. Maths... I wanna work harder! Harder~
Dont wanna go back oftenly after this trimester break! I wanna concentrate on everything here... Dont wanna back d after this trimester break. I have another break on Oct.. That's longer than this.. hmm.. Got plan wan lar.. he, he.. I can go to find my friends ma.. Ofcourse not every week la.. Perhaps they might kill me~.. Summer is goin to KL soon.. Then v can gather there loo~~ Yeah...
Wanna do my revision d... See ya!
Only for you- Mid Term Test @>--

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