Friday, July 01, 2005

Damn mobile phone!

It was about 2 something.. I couldn't sleep yet.. Self captured on my bed.. Then I continued online for a while.. Hmm.. unexpected.. He was on de line.. Chat with him for a while but not much.. I posted some pictures to my friendster.. About 3a.m. then, went on my bed.. Looking for de photos that I captured.. Then.. I knew de problems come again! It was exactly like that time while with Tammy, de pic couldn't appear and then..all GONE!! That was a time like this when I'm at here.. I switched off de phone then on, it recovered but a few pics lost.. I tried again this time. Failed! Damn it! I dont wanna think much so that I can cool down myself..
This morning, I tried it once again.. It still de same.. All gone! I'm not in de good mood.. damn it!!
Thought that I'll have lunch with AhSan them but at last I had cup noodle lar.. Just now only..
Cause I thought my Econ's class wil change to 12-1p.m. ma.. Who knows.. maybe it'll change next week... Have to do my Econ. chapter 2... And somemore.. Felt there was something wrong.. I knew that! Period~!!! Hate that stuff especially not at your own home! FreEeeak..
Have to wash my clothes first.. Then do econ! Damn.. Planned that later at 4 wanna go to gym wan... Cz after econ's tutorial I'll very lazy d.. Nvm..wait for next week!
See ya!

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