Saturday, May 07, 2011

One of my best getaways. (I)

Visiting my brother in London wasn't a day or two's plan. I had been thinking about that yet never had any further action. Until I've had no idea on what to do and where to go with my 5 days of annual leave, I decided to request for another 2 days off and OFF TO LONDON. x

Fast forward to the day I began the journey. Ray B dropped me at Pen Int. Airport. My itenerary was PEN-KUL-STN-KUL-PEN.

26th Nov 2010 night.

I was told that the immigration officer might ask me a lot of questions as I was travelling alone. Thing turned out to be fine though. =)
Got my luggage and not to forget to camwhore. BAH.
I had to meet up my brother at the Liverpool Street in London. The return ticket of it was 28.90 pounds, approximately RM 145.00.

And it was FREAKING cold even it's indoor. I was just wearing sandals. I didn't expect winter came earlier. It's was -4 degree Celsius the first day I arrived. And the best thing was, I couldn't find even ONE coffee machine.

The best option was to get to the train to keep myself warm.
Bought a cuppa Rombouts coffee with 1.90 pounds in the train. Listening to the music. That was the most awesome moment ever since I started working. Smiling all the way in the train. :))
Oh, the train stopped at Tottenham Hale before it reached Liverpool Street.

Taadaa! Arrived at destination and saw my brother standing outside when I stepped out from the train. I think I saw tears in his eyes. It was 4 years back since we last spent time together. 4 freaking years. xx

Apartment at Hunter Street.

Me. Before proceeding to Camden Town.

Boutique Hotels along the way.

Camden Town in the AM.

Random pretty earrings in the market.

Steve and I.

The yummeh donuts.

First time having Mulled Wine and I am in love with it. A cup of warm mulled wine worked so well when u're freezing outside. Cost £4.

Somewhere infront of The London Eye.

The crowd and 帅哥。

Lunch at The Sherlock Holmes.

Outside of the restaurant.

Comptons at The Oxford Circus. Russell Square.

Street towards Brunswick Waitrose. Even the hypermart also got gorgeous name.

Shopping for dinner and groceries.

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