Saturday, November 20, 2010

Now I know how I am feeling.

You broke my heart at the moment you pulled my shirt.
What's wrong with you recently?
Are. You. O. K. ?

They say, never let a man beat you cause when there's the first time, they will be the second, so and so.

I should have believed that way earlier than now cause I am also the one who beat and beat.

Human being.
Tsk tsk tsk.. such a shame.


Anonymous said...

I broke ur heart, i broke ur heart. All you care is how i broken your heart, have u ask urself how u've broken mine? or do u think i dun have a heart?

Anonymous said...

keep thinking and judging in ur own way, it makes u feel better lol.. but its meaningless coz u wont even understand shits.

Anonymous said...

I miss u dear.