Monday, July 26, 2010

I have had.

I have had the best companion during uni life.
I have had the best housemates ever like jinn, monitor, epin, chunyee.
I have had the best classmates ever like ps, leeling, etc.
I have had the best uni friends like yupin, choonhoong, san, seklee, alex, TKE! etc.
I have had the best from my the best like tasha, etc...

And I have had the best roommate ever like Jinn.

I love u guys. A lot! Mwahhhh!


刘昱品-lauyupin said...
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刘昱品-lauyupin said...

it's damn touching when saw my name there!! i love you too! :)

seklee said...

shella,its been a long time since i last reading ur blog...when i saw my name thr...i am so touched too! i love n miss u shella! i do hope that we have the chance to have pillow talk again n again! muakzzzz