Friday, February 26, 2010

[x title].

It's been more than a month i'm under training. Or i should rather say, I've done all the classes, and the following 2-3 weeks remaining are about Assessments and Exams.

Excited yet nervous. I have no idea how well i will do it.
I thought I've done more than I've expected. I greet, I smile, etc., which have also made me greet smile to people I meet outside the academy.
But, I'm not outstanding. It's not that I am desperate to be the most outstanding ones, but then, it's like there's always something wrong with me. The thick make up doesn't suit me at all, I THINK. The hair, which I thought it's fine, normal and some people think it's not fine. Maybe it shouldn't be normal, it should be, WOW. kan?

Last night I went for aircraft visit, man that was tiring i wanna kill people!!!! I doubt if I could maintain my strength when I start flying and meeting different people out there. Imagining, I'm doing 6 sectors that day, last sector, fucking tired, but still have to smile, smile, and nonetheless, SMILE. I can't behave like what I behaved. UGH! Anyway, that's a good thing though. It's just the matter of dealing with my own emotion. =) [i need encouragement, wahhh]

Heh... I'll be having the Safety Equipments Assessment next Monday. I tak tau lar aiyorrrrrrr.... the stupid oxygen bottles very de confusing dehhh.... and then, water assessments, door assessments... exam, exam and exam..



Heheee...wokay, i'll be right back!

p/s: Damn i miss my friends. All of them.

Toodles! MWAHHH!


Anonymous said...

u still got me :)
dun listen to bullshit ur not just outstanding but ultraoutstanding!
girl even if 100 ppl think u're very fine there are still some who thinks your not, and some who thinks u're fine but they just like to discourage people. there are fuckers out there who dun even care how others feel. so why care if u think u're satisfy with urself and u've already do your best?
no matter what i'll try to make you feel comfortable when u're at home
and ill try my best to support you!
wish you good luck on all the exams and assessments k ? ^^ muah!



Anonymous said...

ok la + some "encouragement" ok?! :)
syok d?? :P :P :P


Anonymous said...

do your best n f*ck the rest :)

Ssk said...

babe, *muack**muack*
Encouragement for u..

All the very best to you...*fly~*

shella said...

weee thanks sashiki and b~ hehe
wei b ah can u chill ah, hahaha wah what ultrastanding? au lor! :x
actually its my grooming teacher lar, she's not discouraging me, she just think im not WOW lar, which im reali not cause i reali think normal will do mar... haha
and my classmates are nice, they also want me to be like WOW.. seriously, but they nvr say something bad to me to discourage me lar.. chill ok babyyy.. hahaha.. anyway thanks for you and sashiki's encouragement.. hehe... mwahhhh!!!!

hooi jinn said...

err..hmm..ur one and only roommate misses u as much as how much u miss her.maybe more...

how i wish that we can be at the balcony now.hmm awaiting for the moment to arrive.

will support u whatever u do okay.always with love,
jinn. =)

Ssk said...

wei... faster... fly out from the country. n get me anya hindmarch..muahhaha ^^ *wink*

shella said...

man i miss u tooooooo! i bet u know it rite... ya man.. everything changes, the balcony might not b the same, the grass might has been cleared and no longer growing.. but OUR balcony will never change...
me lurve u and mish u! MWAH!

[ssk]u greedy woman! wahaha

Anonymous said...

hehe soli soli i was feeling abit overprotected lol :P
just want to tell you no matter what ppl think i still support you one girl :)


-seklee- said...

gal...even though i seldom read ur blog..but if i manage to read it..i will surely drop some comment for for this comment for u but a big big support from me to u..hope everything is fine and u can do it LEE SHELLA..miss u lots..muakz!