Monday, October 05, 2009

It's all about money.

I've been thinking of quitting this job for quite a number of times.
I've been thinking of resting a while then only get myself on the working track.
I've been thinking of going back to my messy study life.
I've been thinking of getting a Master programme.
I've been thinking of putting myself in an exam.(oh wtf?!)
I've been thinking of... this and that. anything can relate with 'not working'.

I always follow the routine of life. [skip the front part] went to collage, prayed not to fail, so that I would keep on track; graduated, then work. Who don't wanna follow the dreams and live the life they want to? I have no guts. I'm afraid once I don't follow the route, i'll lose the track.
I've passed the age of getting pocket money from parents. If I get back to study life it's better for me to pay for my own school fees; if I wanna rest for a while only start working, where shall I get my pocket money? this and that bla bla bla.
It's all about money.

And now, I only got 2 options.
1, Continue this bloody job, bear with the bloody Ursula who called me an unorganized person when she herself isn't an organized person. EFF her no time. Okay, what did I say, yea. continue this, take salary, get my life on.
But I won't stop at this moment. I'll continue finding for jobs whilst looking for what I wanna do then if got the chance I'll just go ahead.

2, Don't give a shit to anything, anyone. Quit the job and enjoy my life.

I hate working.
I hate this job.
I am so not motivated.


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