Monday, August 24, 2009

It's not a good day.

I felt so tensed up.
But im feeling way better right now. =)

It's been quite sometimes since I last staying without him. He went back today and I had a stressful day. So, can u imagine how upset I was?

In the office, Ursula just threw things to me like that. Yea I know I have to learn, but at least give me some guidance can? Anyway I felt guilty cause initially she handled that thing herself. Sorry...

And bad experience to drive back today.
The non-maintained road, kinda freak me out. And, while I was passing by the sunway tol, which the cars were like turtle moving, suddenly I saw the car temperature went up. and no kidding, it almost hit the red bar.
HOLY SHIT. no joke. I on the double signals, when off the car engine. I made the traffic busier a little for like 5 minutes. After I started the engine again, thank God the temperature went down, and I drove to the petrol station immediately. Jimmy was there helping me refill the water and all.. It's all settled down so far. Hopefully everything will be fine, for now and then. =)

I love the whether of yesterday(Sunday).
Wind blowing with bright but warm sunshine.

Baby @ Xian Ding Wei.

Will upload some photos next time.

I'm tired.

B, I know sometimes we argue and fight a lot. There're some disagreement between us and when we don't wanna step backward, we'll end up in a bad situation. I'm sorry about that. And I miss you so. And lastly, like I told you last night, I love you for who you are. Always. =)

p/s: Ursula is not my boss. And Ursula its not her name. If you don't know who'e Ursula. U can google the image. =)

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shella said...

hehehe babe...
dun worry be happy k :)

sorry about the car i will service it when i come back in weekend

Neway,there are Ursulas always but there are also lilttle mermaids out there, and u're one of them :P

night girl.sweetdreams...