Wednesday, July 08, 2009

It is somehow the bittersweet moment that makes such cold night warm.


the messy room. the bed. the dusty printer. the candy paper with the alphabat H and J. the paper bag all over the floor. the overload laundry bag. the annoying alarm. the lunch wake up call. the balcony. the ashtray. the emtpy bottles. the fall-asleep-in-3-min-roommate.

i miss typing those words,
machi, mana lu?
machi, wat time's ur class finish?
machi, later go where makan?
machi i tell you ah i damn pekchek now! fuck that bitch man!
"okay! story me l8r!"
machi, machi, machi...

i miss you so.


Anonymous said...

This comment is for the entry after this one.

why dun let me drop a comment on ur 2 latest posts?

when something bad happens it appear as fast as lightning strikes in your blog...

and i waited 4 months for our Valentine's Day entry.(mayb u will say something important needs time)

But when something happy happens between us i saw nothing in ur entries from our daily life...
not even a single entry to talk about how i treat you or something similiar...
for me it is not so fair in this situation...

yes i know your hurt, so am i
and i have done nothing sorry to you.
i still love you.

good job nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

also... thnx for all the "compliments"
i know how to count

shella said...

yea watever like i say its my fucking blog. STFU.