Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mum's big day!

Hello mummy. =)

Happie birthday to you!

Sorry mum i can't spend your bday with you this year due to the overloads assignments and tests.

Remember I've had written you a card saying that,

'the most precious gift that God had given to me is calling you "mummy"...'

The feeling never change. I still feel thankful, and loved. And it will never fade.

Once again mum, I love you more than everything and I'm glad that I'm yours.

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p/s: Trying to make this entry cheerful. But failed, terribly.

Looking back to the entries about mum n bro makes me even worse.
...I miss 'em...


刘昱品-lauyupin said...

wah~new spec a!so yeng 1...nice..

shella said...

[yupin] no lar.. the spec isnt mine lar... =)

Anonymous said...

girl, ur mum will surely feel the love from her caring n lovely daughter , dun worry...
wish yall have a wonderful time together in bw :)

luv, B

shella said...

thanks b..