Monday, March 02, 2009

I do it this way =)

Heeee.. Too many pictures need to be arranged and I decided to give up. haha.. So i'll just upload the pictures entry by entry, occasion by occasion. =)

Rewind back to 2 months ago, after jinnoi's birthday,

Then I went to JB and S'pore, remember?
Basically what i've done in spore were just jalan jalan, then met up with my fren bryan, and kheng, and my bro n his gf.. Didn't spend myself for any meal and just bought 2 outfits, a pair of heels, and CD's eye shadows plus those public transport expenses, that trip already cost me around SGD400. i was like wtf.

Went minum with kh at somewhere around Orchard.. I cant recall the name of that place d. err.. Alley Bar? aiya cant remember d lar.

Not that much as you thought. =)

Fooling around with Bryan after drinking with Kh. 1 smthing midnight we were camwhoring all along the streets. And the result I got is, he doesn't have much expression. HAHAHAHHAHAHA. (He doesn't read my blog yo! lalalalalalalalalala)


Then erm. the next day. I got this top when bro and I went shopping. =)

I did not buy this topshop dress, cause,

bro: WHAT? so little cloth costs sgd100 u sot d ah?!

me: ok la... -.-

Sushi for lunch before I headed back to JB.
Jo-Lynn and Bro.

He'll kill me too if he sees this. :p

Okay I hafta stop here.

Upcoming entry: CNY '09



Anonymous said...

the bottles looks nice :P
the expression you and loon looks cute eh :D
when free we go eat sushi again see your pics feel like wanna eat japanese food eh,the other day we went western remember ? :)


shella said...

[ray] thankiuuu! lalala! haha yeap sure i miss japanese food already! :p