Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wicked semester.

It's a drinking session semester.
We went for drinking course, well it's a co-subject.
MMU actually hired some dudes and taught us how to drink, not to get drunk, just to get high and tipsy bitsy.

Yea right.
Sashiki actually believed that. Oops...

Celebrated at 21 kitchen&bar again on New Year Eve.

Kaheng & I.

Eh hm.. Jia Xing & Mary Hew Sek Lee. woot woot woot!
Mary Seklee & I.

I think these pics were taken before finals. Due to too stressed. Not only for the finals. But someone's bday was coming soon. And, I was the planner. Yo! haha.

Oo.. Very obvious kan? Showing off something. lalalalalalalalala

A very random pic of me n seklee chilling at mamak.
Jinnoi n Ps. Both looking stressed.
Then.. The birthday party was so around the corner. I tiled the'invitation card' as my wallpaper.
Prepared the 22 roses cause it's the 22nd bday of Jinnoi. HAHA.

Tammy n I
I haven't got all the pics of that day yet but I believe it'll be awesome lar. Damn it we did not take group picture. Hm....
And Jinnoi,... ... Ahaha.. u know what am i gonna say rite.. so.. hehehe no need to repeat it so many times lar. hahaha

Since I met you we've been celebrating New year together. Never missed expect for this year. U had to go back for some dinner. But then, the signature expression will not be forgotten.



(this one isn't the signature expression haha)



And so, this is me when on the next day of the party.

Overall, the party was awesome. But it was sorta incomplete for me cause I terslept(CHEHH) in the living room and without remembering how I got into the room. YES. My ever first time drink till cannot recall. Haha.
Well basically most of us have some missing part of the party. haha. Jinnoi lost her memory faster than anyone of us. woot! That's because she had more than 10 shots when everyone just need to take a shot.

But I really hate it when the next day there's no one around especially after the party. It's like we got up from the wicked but wonderful dream. Hmmm...

Well, for your infomation, I'm now in JB. and will go to SG on fri. It's a good time to relax and set the mind free.

Yesterday when I was taking the trip down to JB from KL, I had this in mind and I just marked em down in my new bought starbucks planner. Okay, so..

I have to believe that I can make iton my own. A girl with 157cm of heights, carrying 4 big heavy bags and there were bags in bags. And I was thinking, if I weren't the one who chose to leave i might find myself pathetic at that moment. However, things go another way round.

When there's an issue, you might get the chance to see the real face of a person. You might know who are those can really stand by your side, you might know who are those sitting on the fence, you might know who are those you should keep a distance with.

I will not blame. Maybe you don't think that way when I said I'm getting matured. Yea, mayb we have different thinking. But if I don't, I would probably behave like an ox when there was something up regarding to the issue. We're 21. Act like an adult.

Some people I will really wanna thanks to and really appreciate them. I won't mention who are them. But you guys know who you are. =)

And about the decision I've made,
I just have to say that,
I don't feel good either.
I built a wall, deep inside.
Not to see,
Not to listen,
Not to think.
but I actually peeked once behind the wall,
and I totally couldn't stand for it.

By now, I just wanna do what I want to.
Don't ask me what is that cuz I don't even clear about it.
But one thing for sure,
I just don't want any commitment.

Few things in my mind,
Going & coming like slides,
I would like to say, but no one I could find;
Memories are meant to fade,
That is why we lost & gain,
But something will always be kept
in this precious memory lane.


ssk said...

Wat da......
*Sashiki actually believed that. Oops...*

hey stupis asSSS u made me believe into it k!!! duh...I"m mad...I'm so so so mad
arrrrggghhh.. Chances r there.. i'm gonna make u to prove it how u've learned on ur co-co.


Anonymous said...

take care girl...
see u sometimes..