Thursday, December 18, 2008

Banana Skin vs Vaseline

Eww... what a boring title.

Quote: aww it's fucking boring~(high tone)

Aha back to the topic.
What can you do with banana skin?

Ehm, that must thanks to my bro Alex.
I was on msn with him few days back.
Then we talked about the new leather bag he's bought and he suggested to use banana skin as polisher to the leather bag.
He actually told one of his lawyer friend, also the international tax partner,

'Due to the credit crunch and to avoid inflation, using the banana skins as polisher is the best way for everyone.'

The friend tried it and it really worked. Then he suggested my bro to send the suggestion or something like that to the newsletter.


He won.. err nothing. Just stated that the winner is Chun Hwa(which is my brother's name) from Malaysia.

I'm so proud of him. Yes i really do... *huge wink*

This is banana skins. In case you don't know.

* * *

What about Vaseline?

I've been using this since I was little girl. But stopped then continued using it for like more than 6 years i think.
I use vaseline a couple of times daily!

I don't apply lipstick/lip gloss or any other lip balm cause my lips are sensitive to them and only vaseline suits me. So even when I go out for parties, clubs or, or... bla bla I just apply vaseline and me won't look pale even without lipstick!

The reasons I think it's super worth to get are:

-It's not really oily which you just need to slip ur finger through it surface and it's more than enough to apply on your lips.
-It's very cheap! If I'm not mistaken it costs less than RM5.
-It's 100% pure petroleum jelly!
-Not only can apply on your lips but the bottle states that can use on the albows(the dry part) as well.

My dad lagi yeng. There's once he saw my vaseline, I was so shocked cause he opened it and took some. I thought he gonna put on his lips but no, he just use as lotion. Godness. He said his hands were so dry. Now, you get me?

I have 4 bottles of Vaselines. 1 is the very old bottle(around 2 years) and it still left more than half bottle! The rest are with new packaging. 1 is for foot, 1 is I bought it last 2 weeks cause I forgotten to bring the old one back and another one still brand new!

And, you know what, Vaseline can use as your MAKE UP REMOVER!
I got this information from some erm TV shows or magazines but I never tried it. Until that day I did not have my eye make up remover with me so I decided to try with Vaseline.
Yeap. It worked!
But don't remove your mascara with Vaseline and cottons you'll only waste the Vaseline. Use cotton buds instead! Put some vaseline on ur eye lashes with the cotton buds, then use tissue paper to rub it off GENTLY.
I never try to remove face make up with it cause my face is sensitive but when you really have no make up remover with you, try using Vaseline. It really works!

See, I'm so nice sharing such thumbs-up information to you guys!
Say i'm nice, FASTER.

Lastly, my lecturer hates me.

No lar she doesn't hate me cause i still have notes on my table.



Anonymous said...

nice info :P
i say banana wins!!
haha both also nice la
btw ur last picture totally own ur lecturer
i giv u 9/10 of ur sleeping face :D
and beside u tht one i giv 100/10 :D:D:D:D:D:D

Cynthia said...
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Cynthia said...

eh...thought you said that you very rajin dee...go to class everyday....guan wonder can go everyday la...=p

Anonymous said...

huhuhu~is really banana skin can polish?i dare not to try ler.coz i wish to polish my shoes and bag.


shella said...

eh this is auto delete those repeated comment or what?
i never log in and delete the comment ler.. shit lar i kena hacked again ah?

[cyn]at least i don't skip class often okayyy... aiya u c my lec's face u think she mind ah..?

[ling]only on leather lar my bro say if u polish on the fabric ah.. i x imagine lor.......

Cynthia said...

LOL...dun worry...was not hacker la..I was the one who deleted. coz I accidentally post it twice ma...

Esther Leow said...

wow, din noe vaseline got such wide uses! my lips are quite dry lately, tried to apply some lip gloss, who noes it makes my lips even drier. den my fren told me dat i should use vaseline on dry lips, shouldn't use lipgloss at all. vaseline save de day! ^.^