Monday, November 03, 2008

Sahply exposed.

I guess this entry will load with pictures. Less wording as I'm very bored now. no mood lar~
Depends on my patience whether I can finish posting up all the pics.

Starting with Tammy's 21st birthday pics. Argh.. I'm sorry I took so long time to get them uploaded!
We had dinner at Trader's Hotel. I've misplaced the food's pictures!

Tammy's 21st BIG day @ Trader's +
La Bodega

Hold on, tell me what you guys observe on the above picture. Seriously, look into it properly. Tell me what you've seen. =)

The most precious moment has been captured!
Counting down

Happy Birthday babe!
The cuzzies.
Happy happy super belated birthday! Mwahhh!
The street.
Elfy's Big day @ Babylon

Decorating the hotel room.

I look tanned in this pic. Wtf...

Oh... The only pic I have @ friend's wedding. wtf?

JL's Big day @ Little Cottage


Headed to Bailey's after dinner.

Look at this girl!! So cheerful, ey?

On the way to Moist.

Cindy, sashiki and I.

Went to my dental appointment today's yesterday's morning.
Took out the springs!

*Close up*So, now you know the sahply?
It's been started since July but those who had viewed webcam with me never noticed right?!

p/s: I'm still bored til give dog bite.


Twinkle Bell said...

arhh?? what was the girl doing with her armpit...?

shella said...

There's tissue paper, so..
what do u think?

刘昱品-lauyupin said...

playing the kalatai hair izzit?

刘昱品-lauyupin said...

so lan yuk sun...not she yuk sun..u the yuk sun 1...see ppl play kalatai mou...

x` said...

hahaha she not even care bout ppl were looking at it... her face seems normal :P

look closely the 2nd last picture, u and 34ki one. got 2 "ham sap lou" smiling at behind LOL... dangerous sia..

btw .... really nice pictures girl ^^
ur teeth looks fine :P
those food looks delicous leh...~hungry~

shella said...

[xp]wtf where got ppl play kalatai hair with tissue paper wan? not me yuk sun ler, i just noticed that when i got the picture!

[x] hahaha i think she totally forgotten bout what she's doing at that moment!