Thursday, October 02, 2008



Haven't heard from me since my last post, ey?
I'm doing good in penang but just erm.. running out of time on my project!

I was chatting with xp few days back,

me: ey, i wanna ask you something.

xp: wat? ask lar...

me: again, you guys miss me anot?

xp: diu! miss lar miss lar!!

me: good! then i'll update my pictures in my latest entry! hahaha

xp: i want see naked pic.


my curls after hair tied for too long

me after came back from work

me on Topshop lovely lacey dress. curls permed the day before.
aw i love the dress!!

XP! Hold your breath!
Transformation of F21 hat!

Tamm and Mei, the terrorist.

I wanted to post the joker face(made up by Jinn n CH) of xp at first.. but.. it's too... erhm..

Cyber peeps, best of luck in ya finals!



刘昱品-lauyupin said...

where got naked pic har?!!!!
where got where got?!
i am online now, and i have use the tercepat speed to open ur blog!!but then....diu...tak goh kat...

Anonymous said...

hey ya, i tot got naked pic??????????hahahah~


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
shella said...

[xp, ling] haha just crap to xp lar...

[anon]ur comment is too ugly and too rude. u wanna keep posting i don't mind, but it'll surely be deleted. thx.

jinn said...

waiting waiting!!

mana mana tu supply picture???!?!?!

shella said...

ahahaha... after u guys knew the 'sahply' i sure kena whacked... hahha

Hints:sahply in the pics, and more sahply hidden pics coming.

〤Ecl!5oNz™〤 said...

kena tipu... = w =
btw u like to take pic alot... :P
the elephant named tammy? LOL