Tuesday, August 26, 2008

plucking rose buds

An issue will not come up with a hand. But this issue, not with his and her hands. But it's with his and another party's hand. Good, good.
She chose to believe which she shouldn't at the very early stage.

Don't be so irresponsible, you wanna do, you do things nicely. And if you wanna do, then don't feel afraid letting people know. Did plenty of cover-ups for what? For the sake of comforting yourself?

Keep things mysterious will make people never stop gossiping bout u. admit it then end of the story.

It's funny when your cover-ups are not covered.

If u can't stand for what ur mouth utters, better not saying anything.


刘昱品-lauyupin said...


epin said...

seems like u know d...

shella said...

[xp,epin n people]
i never mentioned doesn't mean i didn't know.
i mentioned doesn't mean that i know what u guys've already knew as well.

Ahaaa.. all the while including this entry, i never say anything right?
Let's see who'll feel guilty and have one kind after reading this.