Monday, July 14, 2008

Oh I never thought that I was a 'special one'

Alright. About the 'imitation' thingy... hmm.. wtf, imitation? hey I'm not famous. But, since someone was writing something as what I've written, isn't that called imitation?
The story started few weeks ago, when I first saw this pics which not yet been edited. and I did not feel one kind or whatever. Until I saw she edited this pic.. and it's like... Ow... I see... And yet I DONT GIVE A SHIT ON IT.


weird. Why must you deleted it? Is that guilty or something?
but things aren't done nicely. Look this: And look at the date as well. Aright there's a different, the "the" and "de" are different. =)


What about this? =)


It was "it tells" instead of what 'mood-woots' . and the special one is 'it speaks'. If it's just an coincident when why did she change the title?

I had this slide show before, when Sheldon created the previous layout for me and he wrote "memories last forever" as the slide show title. And our friend, she wrote "memories last foreva" before she changed to this. Is that a co-incident?

Before my friends dropped the msg-es to her comment box(which also have been deleted), there were much more similarities and I once thought that it was my own blog when the page loaded.
The arrangement of the layout.
The color font which is purple.
The color of the title which is green. And hers was darker green.
The color of the questionnaire answer which is orange.

All these colors are based on our own preference!!

I never wanted to write in this way. I will definitely blog about it but not in this kind of way, maybe a mean way. Until I saw the msg in the chat box. Hello???!!! My friends just said" hey ur blog looks similiar as someone's else. Are you copying someone?" etc, etc.
I didn't get to see them cause it's deleted.
Then why you come over here and leave a somehow-i-think-it's-a-sarcastic msg??? Very stoopid lor! Can the imitation don't go so obvious?
I am not unique cause I might get influenced by other's blog since I love stalking poeple's blog. Like, many poeple's blog. But at least I AM NOT IMITATING.

I gotta stop here u guys sendiri go and see. Not only the stated above i dare to say.

p/s: JL and Cynthia are not happy with me cause I take too long time on this.


w3n said...

u should b happy someone took u as a 'role model'...
mayb she thought that u're cool something like that...???
tho it may b annoying...

JL said...

We are not unhappy. we are just too bored.. lolx .. wat a stupid imitation!

Cynthia said...

Ya lah..we're not just you really took very long to make out this..ok?? like 2 wonder will come out those imitation thingy..cause is more time saving...just copy what=)

shell said...

[wen],yea it's so annoying and that person get pissed of when we found the imitation..lolol!

[jl&cyn]wei, ppl have to print screen and edit pics and all mar...if she didnt change her layout and all, i think it consumes more time to post this entry ahaha...

mandy said...

salute salute. hahahahah
btw who is she?????

ssk said...

wei..sue her sue her!! where got ppl like tis siao 1...geli nia...ask her to look out herself on the miror b4 posting out the photo laa.. witch looks better than her + extremely "ao zui" editing skill.. Bruek!@!

Anonymous said...

lol, looks like ur blog's getting famous :D

shell said...

[mandy]she's our schmate lar... u'll know later on. haha

[ssk]walao.. chill lar.. dun so kek dong~~~ lol

[anonym]who're u? =.=

Anonymous said...

I AM :

" :) "