Monday, July 07, 2008

--let the pics talk--

Sue visited to pg and me, as the Miss tour guide(given by Abel the Chiwawa) brought them around. hee.. Sorry yea Sue, due to time limit so I couldn't really bring you to other places. Batu Ferringhi is the never-missed place. So there we were again.

And me purposely bought another new shades as I knew I would be going to the beach cause my previous one rosak(yea i sat on it -.-).

Abel took this pic with us UNWILLINGLY.

A beautiful one, taken by moi!!

Me and JL had to stand at the higher slope but we still shorter than Sue. SUE WHY ARE YOU SO TALL??!!!
Shell: Sue! come, I carry you!
Sue: *WTF*??? Kenot lar! I carry you lar!
Shell: Can wan... Come!

*chikabong**both fell down*

Done with the 'picnic' session at Ferrighi then we off to Genting Hill. I mean the lil Genting Hill in pg. heee... It's been quite a while since I last went there.

The view from the hill.

We excitedly waiting for the sunset. But the sun was too bright till we could hardly opened our eyes. See the relection????? *Cun-ted.*
Sue was so worried cause the Sun blocked by cloudes. But its pretty ey..
And finally... Haaaii... So nice... Frankly I reckon that was my first time seeing sunset.
Ter-met one of our 2ndry school mate there.

The reaction of me and JL really funny lar. Cause when we saw that girl, i mean that lady, we shocked for 1 second then nodded head to each other. Then,
Sue&Abel: Ur friend ah?

Shell&JL: *head shaking and looking down*No.. nonono...No...

I think she met us also suay.


*Sue said...

hahahaaha.. gosh.. ur entry damn farnee lar. i read and kept on laughing. especially, "your fren ar? no..noooo.." haha.. that's seriously the bomb. made me and abel so blur after that. and seriously u cant carry me lar. i tink my weight is twice of you!! haha.. dammit shud start a serious diet plan n grow thin as u. shella!! i miss u larr!! when can i come penang again??

p.s: thankiu alot to you and JL fer being such good tour guides bringing me and abel(the sesat penang knight) around penang. hehe.. thanks!!

shella said...

lol yea sue i miss u too.. u know, abel has went missing after my 'tour guide' job.
take care yea!

*Sue said...

haha he's owaz so busy nw n seldom online nowadays. need to prepare fer his trip to philipines ler. some business kinda trip. i tink u'll see him around soon when he's bek. haha.. take care too!! hugs..

hooiJinn said...

hello kawan-kawan,
mayb la u all can chat online through msn.and not through comment box here.
jerr...i hate u all for taking pic of the food and thn mms to me.

shell said...

ey? then y r u here deh?? LOL
ur time will come? u mean in pg huh?
well.. u call up others to be your tour guide ya!!! cheersss!!!!!!

hooiJinn said...

i mean my time will come asin i wil go find good food and mms to both of u!!!

*Sue said...

hahahaha.. got msn dun wanna chat there. instead chatting here. look who more sesat nw!! hahaha..

Abel_LimP said...

Who let u put my picture there?!! Intel plp memang one kind 1.

shell said...

hello abel limP.
If intel ppl is one kind. then u're the another KIND on earth.

Abel_LimP said...

Look whos talking, motherly aphro konon. miss aphro pits.

shell said...

ey wat pits!!! i know what u trying to say.
piece of shit la u!

Anonymous said...

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