Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Witnessing an accident.

One fine day, I was yum-cha-ing with my bunch of friends at New Town. (Does it remind you of Old Town Kopitiam? Hahaa) New Town Kopitiam, open 24 hours, food is cheaper than Old town, and I think the tomyam tastes nicer than Oldtown's one...
Err.. okok Back to my topic, as we were gossiping suddenly we heard a huge bang from outside. And you know what, the crowded New Town as you can see as below shown suddenly all went gone. Yupz! Some table only left 1 or 2 ppl there and some were totally gone. WHAT A TYPICAL RAJA UDA PPL!

I stood up thinking if I wanna go to have a look while our friend Jimmy already went off. Okay lar... Im from Raja Uda also, so... =)

Hm.. Maybe I can zoom in a bit...

Okay, as you can see, the lamp post already collapsed(middle), then the flags were also senget(right), can you see the car? Alright maybe it's not too clear, too many 'rela' surrounding. But according to our friend Jimmy again, the driver was a young man, no injuries, the front mirror cracked.

Oh ya!!! I met a guy who called himself RAPPER. SIAO!
He's.. Argghh.. so annoying! You know what, before me and ray rushed out to kepo about the accident, u know what this guy did?
He rapped!!
Ya, he rapped right after we heard the "Yeeee.... BANG!" I have no idea what the shit he was rapping about but I knew it's in cantonese. CANTONESE SIAL!
He was like, you know? the typical-hip-hop-yo-yo style, then he rapped:"nei zhou mat yeh(你做么耶)...XXX mat yeh..." I dono what shit "mat yeh" lar, he kept "mat yeh mat yeh" there... so fucking annoying u know! Seriously, this fella siao wan.
He was like fucking exited to rap, like something suddenly inspired him. Walao-ey that was an accident lar ah hia...

and the main point is,



lauyupin said...

apa tu hip hop yoyo style??...lol~~

Anonymous said...

sohai rapper.lolx.