Thursday, April 17, 2008

my B's so cute!hahaha

I was having a random chat with baby just now. Then suddenly we stopped chatting cause I was busy reading kenny sia's blog and then till I was watching Russell Peter, He sent me this via msn:

Then after few min of ignorance, he sent this again..

Ahhh~ Cute-nya! HAHAHAHAHA
p/s: he said this pic looks like him. I din realize until I saw the eye brow. hahaha


epin said...

aiyo...raymond so sweet!! u arh shella " so bad, so bad...bad gal"( a journey called life)...hahaha.

aiwee said...

huh. raymond actually drew that pic of a guy and a girl kissing in a love on MSN? ON MSN?!?

solute! worship! omgggggg!!!!! *eyes wide open*

shella said...

lol.. ya man. msn.
he drew somthing like that for me by using paint last time.. hahaha