Thursday, February 28, 2008


I just found this online mahjong from a blogger's site,
Last time we had the Jacky Wu's, Andy Lau's, etc.'s voice which was so annoying and they were just computers. But this Viwawa, you play online live mahjong with others. Hhee...
To all my MJ kaki-s, hurry sign up then we can play online MJ even we're far apart from each other. No need to gather to play but we can play at our own house.
But Im still learning it cause it's 4 players mj. I'm still confusing about counting the 'tai'.

I was thinking, what if we bring our own laptop, put them on a table and play mj w/out using the real mj set! HAHA...

p/s: you can find me there by just typing leeshella. Ha, scared ppl donno my full name.

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