Monday, December 31, 2007

When finals approching, me blog.

Excluded the pressie I bought for my B, and excluded one week before these, I got these within 10 days. Not shop for 10 days la ofcourse! siao.

Heels I got from Far East. ngeh.

Wuu.. Fake eye lashes I got at flea market. Super cheap can? But Im not gonna wear that cause
1)I dont know how to, 2)I got no GUT
So, just playing with this in ma room with ma roommate.

Heee.. the hand therapy but I left the scrubs at my aunt's house in JB. dammit.

Wuu.. Pressie for my roomie. <3>
Loads of pics will be uploaded, and also pics during xmas celebration. Till then.
Lotsa luff.


mandy said...

eww shella.. i hate that u own that pair of gorgeous red heels!!!!!!!! btw.. shu eumera how much??? is it good?

mandy said...

i mean shu eumera lash curler

shella said...

HAHA! thank u mandy!!!^^
oh the lash curler huh, it's RM55 each. yup it's reali good, and it makes ur lashes go curler!!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog, gal =) stumbled upon ur blog and ah.. the hand therapy! is it good? are your hands feeling moisturized even after few hours of application? was wondering to get one.. but not sure if it's good =)