Tuesday, September 11, 2007

no pain, no gain

Alright. Week 12.
3 more weeks heading to my finals. Bad news for me.
3 more days heading to PENANG. Good news for you guys. Yea i knew that kay~ uh-ah don't deny.
My cell phone just got repaired few days before. but i still unable to upload photos. =(
I COULDN'T TAHAN ANYMORE!!! Hence I asked monitor to upload to his laptop and share files with me. Ngeh. Smartass.com

Back to i-m-not-sure-when, me and ray went for breakfast. Breakfast yo!
By that time I thought the food in Butterworth is so damn cheap wei. We had dried koay teow, chicken rice for 2, egg on toast and 2 drinks. Total RM12++. *ALL SMILESSS*

Then, on da way to Penang with Ray.
As usual, camwhoring in da car.

Saw one emo rider while waiting for the traffic light.

Then another hanging out at de same place. Jimmy was trying to act girlish at McD. So sad.

Introducin' my lil sis. Omg, she looks so evil in this pic.

bla bla bla yada yada yada.
Back to KL. saddening place with happening food.
Heeee... all de way we do is eat, eat and eat.

smoked salmon+

turkey ham+


Went shopping with ray another day.

Back to few days before, bunch of us went Flame and my roommate was the only stay-alive.
Monitor was in de group yo! haha. photos will be uploaded. heeeee...
My baby was so good to me that night. He didn't even scold me when I puked in his room. Ya balls, on de floor sial. Steady.com la, the gf went gaga-ing then came back by piece of shit and de bf didn't say anything. =)
Somemore brought me to makan on de next day. *melt*

Slurpss! Chicken in the bag+clams

Yay cupcakes!! Finally~ But, just nice to see.

stupid waiter, didn't inform me that the English lamb curry was unavailable until I asked him.
so.. some kind of fish I ordered.

Went Sri Petaling again with Ray.
Hiii... See, told ya! we eat, we eat and we eat.
Fusion Haven.
The first time I went there was with Foo, Tamm and Cyn.

While waiting......
chicken chop with pasta sauce. forgotten de name.

Dory fish

I was damn hungry so I ordered another unagi egg omelette.

Then shoot to pyramid wanted to go for a movie with T and Tania. Too bad. The show time of those movies that we wanted to watch were all over.


End of the day.

p/s: Blardy post without using any photoshop still took me 4 hours to complete it.

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