Sunday, September 30, 2007

I hate finals!

U know what'll my blog look like when using mozilla firefox?

So blardy messy!!!!!

Alright, finals. Everyone only cares whether they themselve alive or dead. I SO fucking don't understand why those particular poeple are being selfish in that particular case. When they can hide, they try not to tell. It's like...HELLO!!??? You thought people will never know if YOU don't want to tell?
Okay, if that person didn't know that YOU blardy people already know before him/her, and he/she being nice to inform or tell U all what he/she knows. Okay laiyeh! What you gonna respond that time? Tell me la! How U going to respond? Being fucking fake and say "thank you" or choose to shame on urself saying "oh, I already knew."? Then there comes complicated.
Haishiooo... Why ler? Very stupid wan lor U all(i mean those people), never think of the consequences, do YOU?

It's kinda turn off when you were trying to be nice and sincere to your friend but you don't get the vice-versa.

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