Wednesday, July 18, 2007

it's a blogging noon. day.

I skipped class again.
Well actually I went to the campus.
Due to stomachache, so I'm now at home, modifying the pictures.
And blogging.
Guess it would be a long post and full with pictures!!! *all smileys*

At first all of us were arguing about who's gonna raise the arm and point to the sky.

The sisi-s.

..:Love is in the air:..


Eh hm.. Okay, this is not me.


The strawberries are totally different with those we get in cold storage.

And the strawberry juice was so tasty!!!!
I swear, real tasty!
I guess we bought more than 10 cups. RM4 per cup.
Blardy expensive, but..yumm yumm.. worth to pay! =)

Oh, never forgot to mention, I kept telling people how tatsy, how sweet the corn was.
and we all just ate like that. Ya, raw. Without cook it.
Really really tasty!!!
We spent 100++ on buying corns.

Happy belated birthday to Horng. Thien planned for everything. And Ray n I bought the cake.
Melted cake.
Yet it still tastes nice.

Jimmy de mimi.

Ray says Hooi looks damn 'qiao chek' in this pic.

End of the days in Cameron.
Shooted up again to KL.
Boringness at The Curve kills.
Glad that all of them joined us.

Celebrating advanced birthday with Tamm, ShuMei.
And thanks a million to JL, who purposely came and celebrated with me.

Hmp...Not nice meh?????
(=.=) I mean the Jeans.

woohooo~ With my gals at Neway.

Tammy has long fingers. As in, real long.

Yes, yes. I am *happie*

The day before my birthday.
The only sad thing was I had midterm on the next day.
HAHA, PS was forced to avoid the camera.

p/s: Thanks to Sashiki and Gee. Thanks for the cake. I knew you guys planned to come to KL but due to some matters so you guys can't make it. But really, thanks for that. Muack muacks!
Card from Ray.
That's the exact size of my palm.
*sweeto de toto*

Went to The Curve again with Ray.
Due to some matter, we ended up having our dinner at Thai express instead of Marche.
And i knew sumthing which seriously touched my heart on that day.
It's all beyond words, dear.
Thanks for what you've done for me.

These are what I've got during birthday week.
Some cannot be shown, it's private. =)
Some I bought for myself.
Some given by dear.
Some given by my gals.
And all precious memory are given by my lovely-cutey-pinkish-cheery-weewee friends!

Love you guys and thanks for all the things you guys prepared for me.
Deep from my heart.
Thank you, and I love you guys!

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