Thursday, April 19, 2007

She turns me off.

It doesn't matter on whatever decision you made.
Your decision shouldn't affect my business at all.
First time, then come the second, followin by the third. That's you! Yes YOU! You will never change.
I don't give a shit on what are you doing but please don't pull me into the topic. No matter what you decide.
I don't care whether you're afraid of letting the rest to know about that,
I don't care whether you afraid of losing the one that you used to hold him tight,
I don't care what stupid excuse you gave to the audience, I don't give a damn on you!
But please, do not ever pull me into your lousy excuses.
Don't ever include me in your lame excuses.
If you really thought about me, you would never have made this kind of decision.
I don't care what's up about you. You turn me OFF.

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