Monday, December 18, 2006

Truly . Madly . Deeply


What I got for my weekend is purely disappointed.
It wasn't my weekend, it wasn't my day.
I sacrificed the time that I could only spend with my family but I gainned nothing.

Finally I understand how Cyn felt when she thought the promises would come true.

Guys, I'm not being that mean for returning the gift. I'm not yet that childish. The purpose of that gift was to make me smile, to cheer me up or whatever, but I just can't cause the same thing happened right on the next day.
I assume he knows how I feel. I kept waiting for his appearence though I didn't show it on my face. Eventually, he did not show up and now I'm in KL.

Seems like he's not that clear about the msg which I sent ystrday.
-What I want neither the explanation nor telling me what I thought was wrong. What I want is I still could feel you're there for me when I thought you were not.-

Dear, you said I wasn't being understanding at times. But you thought things only happened after we went back. The problem was already there before we went back.
My heart was not yet mended and again you broke it into pieces...
I was waiting and waiting, hoping you would rush to me but I was so wrong.

And yea, I feel SO-FUCKING-NOT-NICE while I was all the way back to KL, to Cyberia.

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s!nG Y0Ng said...

hey gal,what's wrong with u?don't think too much d la..if bout ur love,i just can said:sometimes we should not put so many hope on getting a perfect love.There have no perfect things include 'love' in this world..
Just don't put so many hope,then u won't be so hurt when u hope can't become truth..