Monday, December 11, 2006

A reply to Xaviera.

1. Sony Vaio Notebook - RM4488
Reason: Unaffordable.

2. Cellphone ( not yet consider what model ) - NIL
Reason: Unaffordable too and I need one.

3. Cerutti Watch - RM989
Reason: Unaffordable also and I need too.

4. Ipod Nano - RM699
Reason: Unaffordable.

5. Esprit Jacket - RM399
Reason: Again unaffordable.

6. Gucci Envy - RM318
Reason: Hmm...

7. Hair Perming - RM300
Reason: What about hair cut?

8. Esprit Blouse - RM229
Reason: It isn't well specified.

9. Esprit Bag - RM158 ( not sure )
Reason: Then are we sure which is that?

10. Contact Lens - RM150
Reason: Hey, U have a pair of spec right?

In conclusion, your wants are too expensive to be achieved.
Or I list down something and you choose, ok? LOL...

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