Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I'm waiting...

Yes I am. I am waiting for a turn back but I'm not gonna do anything on that.
I knew it's useless for sitting here and do nothing but I have my own reason, for our sake.
I wish he could take the time and think properly what's happenning and why it happened.
Too bad, real bad. He seems like never understand. For my information, he's playing game(still) at CC.
He said 'Hi, u there?' instead of 'Girl, u there?'... I know, I know.. Maybe the rest will ask, what do you expect him to say since you guys already broke up?
I know... but.. Girls, you get what I mean? You know how I felt?

My girl's friend asked if I could go back for X'mas. I rejected. 'Cause I know they'll be something happen. I do not want my x'mas to be a sad one.
I would rather stay here, even staying alone...

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