Thursday, November 30, 2006


Fuck you stupid!
Wanna argue with me? U still have thousand miles to go.

Laptop consumes higher electricity than desktop?
U better keep this point in ur throat and never say it out or it'll make people laugh until the ass out.

"You think everything you thought was right?"

Good, so I showed you the proof!
U're lucky cause you're not around else you might get shamed.

Throw lar,throw things somemore.
Look who's stupid now.

Use ur brain to think why you felf boycott-ed.
But erm, I think you can't get any solution with your STUPID brain.

1 comment:

s!nG Y0Ng said...

hey gal,who's the stupid that said those stupid comment without using the brain??haha~he/she better dun open the mouth leh,or not will make ppl fall their teeth leh..wakakaka~