Friday, October 06, 2006

I'm so wrong, am I?

Concerning also wrong;
Sigh-ing also wrong.
Crying also wrong;
Not cried out also wrong.
Apologized also wrong;
Shouting also wrong.
Lying when trying to make things stop also wrong;
Being honest also wrong.

Can somebody tell me when have I done something that is right?

It's hard to share an arguement with people who are persistent. *roll eyes*
When there's something makes your heart ache and U failed to stop that, U'll prefer avoid.
(Now I know why that day he turned off his hp)
I tried to act nothing even though the heart is frowning n' aching. I took a deep breath, then held it. Still... I guess u guys know what's next...

p/s: Erm, dear ah, next time if we wanna argue, try not to make it in the mid night ok. Cuz I've nobody to share with and u know, it's kinda tiring to wake up, purposely to blog.


s!nG Y0Ng said...

hey gal,nothing will be wrong for anyone that fall in love..even it's really wrong,also cause that u are loving him..even thought i duno what happen to u,but can feel that ur mood quite,just try to make it more easier..k?cheers~

Anonymous said...

u mean lovin me is wrong do u?

shella said...

no. i nvr mean so.

Anonymous said...

love,doesn't mean right or the world of love,won't have right or wrong.