Thursday, August 24, 2006


It seems like blogging doesn't mean much to me nowadays. It's not like the days when I was in Mlc, blogging every single day and sometimes even blogged 3 times a day.
It's not like I don't wanna blogging but it did not really have a good time fo me to blog. And when I wanted to blog, the mood and contidions had changed. So, blame not me yea... :)

Me and my classmates went to somewhere and did something. Something that makes a girl's day. And this thing would finally cause people moneyless... *zzz*
I'm happy when I look at those 'spoils of war', hahaha!! But.. MONEY IS MY WEAPON!!!!! *zzz*

I should control myself. (This is the n time I'm telling this to myself and to those who heard this before)
*I'm still thinking about that pencil case*
My mind go blank for about 10 seconds. I turn to my right hand side, the window reflects a girl who is so bored in her room. Am I bored? I have loads of 'kang xi lai le'and a series of TVB drama and Korean drama wert!...
...OK LAR!! I'M BORED LAR!! I've finished the TVB drama series in 2 days time and I was repeating watching them just now, due to nothing else can do.

I myself feel that my blog is getting boring and boring. I HATE THAT!

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