Friday, May 19, 2006

I'm L.O.S.!!

Nah.. It's just stand for Lack Of Sleep... (wtf??)
Before this I wanted to post up something about my imagination but this 'good'-functioned pc made me mad at him(cz it's blue). Yea right, feel that I'm that kind of typical Cancer. I have that kind of personalities of Cancer which specific by the horoscope analyst- what emo lar, mood swings lar, good imagination lar bla bla bla yada yada yada... Whatever...
Yay, finished 2 paper! Still have 8 days to stay in Mlc. Kind of sad when think about leaving this peaceful place and those cute buddies.. :(( I'll miss lil'Don, Kah Heng, Alex and ppl... And also Boy... :((

Books are everywhere in my apartment. We were studying in da living room late at the night. Suddenly my roommate shouted at me seems like asking me to look something interesting in the kitchen.

Jinn:" Come come come! Faster" (waving her hand at me)

Shella:" Ya what?" (with a super 'soh high' look)

Then she pointed at one of my housemate's kettle. The water was just boiled. Then there was steam came out from the whatever so called the 'mouth'...

Jinn:" Come let's do facial steaming here! yayy....!" (then she really did put her face near there)

=.=''' x 5342857 times!
This roomate made me extremely bengang-ted and she told me that was one of methods to release stress. What a great idea. Well done Jinn..! T.T

8 days later I'll see my brother- then going to JB- then come back to Mlc to pack my stuffs- then straight away up to Genting! YEAH!
Alright then, gotta immerse myself in da book again... :(((

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