Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I Need Time...

Finally I'm here, in my room, facing this stupid pc, AGAIN.
It's been a few days I didn't blogging and now I don't know what to write even there are tons of things in my mind.

I was wondering, if he didn't know that I admired him would he had that kind of feeling towards me? Perhaps no. I think I did something wrong. Maybe I expressed my feeling too fast. I did this mistake once.. maybe twice and I lost my pride. But then what if he never knew? Then maybe the condition will be different.
When there's something up, I'll make the final coonclusion instead of give a doubt. Isn't that a prejudice? Thanks to someone then.

I saw that illustrated picture and I was happy. Yea I was. No point to deny that.
If I said that I'm not effected by the past, then I'm guilty. Maybe he was right. I shouldn't let the past to judge everything. That's so unfair to him and to me indeed.
The scar was too deep and painful. I know that's too fast to get things started. I need time to digest. He needs too.
Like I said, just follow the flow...

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