Sunday, February 26, 2006

It's a long path...

Jason.. This fella really freaked me out. Luckily it wasn't that bad as we thought. I thought he really wants to take the responsibility when he just leant on me and asked me some stupid questions. It's alright with me. For now, everything is OK with me. I can take those things easily and ofcourse I wouldn't take it seriously.
Suddenly I feel so lonely. When I was on the way coming up, I looked up. It was just a short path and it could only takes about few minutes for me to reach my apartment. But why, I felt that it was a long path when I looked up. I was alone on the street. I feel so down that's why I'm here.
Jinn is a lucky girl. Perhaps I shouldn't say that. I knew there's always a thing in her mind. That's her privacy and I never asked. But I just knew it.
But just now, I saw her and Tan were sitting together. I felt that she's lucky. She gets what she tend to have. She likes him, and he admited that he has the feeling towards her. Tan is a nice fella. Really a nice friend. No matter being a friend or others, he is just nice to be. Even Jason also told me that. Even Jason also feels that he's a nice guy.
When only I can get mine? When only I can get my own happiness? Alvin... HA!! Ha, ha, ha!! Don't mention about that. He can play. And I don't care to spend my time to play with him! He isn't the right choice.
Friends around me are having their happiness. Friends around me are getting towards their happiness. It's good to hear that. But when I think about my own, kind of shamful huh Shella...

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