Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I just had about 3 hours sleep this morning. Class at 8am which was suppose to be tiring but it was ok for me since it was just a lab session.
I was checking my mail yesterday and I played a game. Hm.. was that a game? An entertainment I think. A tarot game. It was accurate, think so.
-It says that tons of things which had changed messed me up and I don't know what to do with that. Me myself who is single right now sink into a messy condition. I comminted that wanna make extra effort since many things happened but I never done one.-
It also had advices for me. -It wants me to take a lilttle bit more time to adjust and re-coordinate myself well. Don't dramatize the things that happened between me and him. Perhaps after adjusting, we'll more appreciate each other.(Maybe it means friendship.) I'm having contradiction in love affair. Yea.. true. Yearn for loves and yet afraid of get hurt. God, it touches my heart.-

Haiz, everything is fated since the beginning but I just didn't realize that he is not my right guy. What to do with that? Nothing but just accept the fact. That's all.
If say that I had totally out from the valley, that was not true. If I'm really don't care anymore, I wouldn't post up things or mind that related with these stuffs. Maybe someday, when this kind of stuff become less and lesser in my blog,... then, :)


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