Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Return No More..

I think this time is a good time for me to make an ending. It's complicated to describe how I'm feeling now but one thing for sure is, I give up! This time, really give up. How many times that I've said, 'give up'? But I knew my heart is still giving de chance. This time, really have to give up.. Have to make a pretty ending for myself.. :)
Maybe I had focus too much on him last time, I had forgotten there are still a lot of things that I have to focus and concern.. Simone adviced me not to find another guy yet. If I need loves, can get it from my famiy and friends. Yea, I got a lot of friends.. But.. Some are apart from me.. Some are buzy with their stuffs.. I don't mean to blame anything.. Just I don't wish that I'm disturbing them..
Yea.. I should enjoy my single life!! True!.. Hmm.. Single life without anyone's tackling, kinda boring isn't it? Lolz...
Last but not least, Happy 18th Birthday to Gee...

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