Sunday, October 30, 2005

New Hair style~

I made a new hair style today. Thought that I would only cut my hair, who knows.. I curled it.. Ha, ha, ha!!! I was so worried at first cause I never know how to explain which type of curly hair that I wished to have.. I want that type of messy curl and.. hmm.. And she showed me the hair style of a girl that working there. Then, I decided to do that.
Luckily my hair is not that short after she curled it. It still normal after she cut my hair.. Hmm.. I should dye it so that I won't look that matured.. Simone said it looks trendy and cute.. Lol.. :)
But my 200++ flew away in 2 and a half hours.. Sigh!!
Some of them say that it's matured but some don't. Well, hope they give me some confidence since I never see my hair has had a large changing, besides doing hair rebonding..
Really, feel quite excited when I saw my hair like that.. :)

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