Saturday, October 29, 2005

Lies and excuses..

Look at de clock, what is de time now? I'm still awake.. Not because of something is bothering me but just simply let de time passed through like that..
Still I wanna believe in U? Is so stupid that I'm asking this question. I don't and I won't care whether those are lies or excuses.. I'm just.. wanna be and wanna do what I wanted to. No matter you're telling lies or giving excuses to me and yourself, I won't care about it anymore. Thanks for the past. Human really has to learn from mistakes. I've past through that and knew I won't repeat the same thing, walking along the same path. I know what to do this time and I'd ready for the ending.
You said that we'll have de chance in de future, means not now. Perhaps I'll believe in you last time. I didn't know why when I heard that, I was so cool. Maybe I've learnt something, something that my own also not really clear.. Ain't that good? Perhaps I've learnt to look widely and believe in my own senses that not to put too much hope in things.. Or I can say that I'm more and more to learn to protect myself, maybe it's just a lil bit.. but also considered as more N' more isn't it?
Wish that I'm not overestimated myself and get hurt at de end. Let me predict it accurately this time k?

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