Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I'm so sorry my friend; I don't know how to console you while I got your call just now. We'll pass through many things in our life. Even though we always say that have to appreciate what we have now, have to appreciate those precious moment, when things really happen, you can't do anything with it. No one will satisfy in his or her life. If things really have to go, just let it be. Try to think with that way, you have a lot of things haven't done but you did have a happy moment right? You got your family, your friends... When you gain things, you'll lose something for sure. Life is like that, gains and lost are always exist. Try to think; when you lost something, you'll get another better things in the future. Like what you've told me, you got the strength to do what you want right? But remember, don't force yourself to achieve that.. I think you'll get what I mean right?
No matter what, if you feel like crying, just cry.. Let your tears drop. But after that, have to bestir yourself. Don't waste it, after you drop it, you have to remember it.. Remember what makes your teardrops. This is what Jinn told me.
Still the same, anything, just give me a call or talk to me. Perhaps I may not by your side, but my soul will always with you, my friend...
Believe it, God is always there and It's fair..
Bless you..

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