Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Since when? I started be interested onto that guy who mentioned by Simpson. Frankly, I rather Simpson didn't let me know about that cause I don't really wish for his appearance.
That day Shane called me. He wanted me to send him some messages. At first I was just ignored him but after that I sent him one forwarded message. Suddenly thought of what Simpson said, 'a guy that I don't really like him', 'a guy that I knew him from society' etc. God! That's freak!! I don't like him! I knew him when we went to de roaming of "Jiu Wang Ye".. Yer.. Pls don't lar.. He's really not my type.. Set aside de feeling first, (although I don't like him!).. I can't accept any of him ler...
Today met Jin while me and Putri were on our way to ACR at CLC. Ha, ha.. He's cute~! My heart beats fast ler that time! Wait.. What did that mean? Whatever lar.. It's just some interesting feeling on him.. I won't do such stupid thing and think this kind of thing right now.. Much less I'm now in Malacca...
Did my speaking test just now. So lucky, my title was about how to manage stress~ Kevin, my sir, said it was interesting~ Hmm.. hope I did well..
Ya, today mixed well with Kiat and Kenneth in math class.. But Kenneth was so annoying!!
Oops.. gotta go for my Acc. class d..

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