Monday, September 12, 2005


I was alone in my room, doing my maths. Found that it's more interesting than studying HD..
I'm so confused at what am I thinking right now cz suddenly feel like wanna cry! Argh.. I don't wanna cry!! I don't want! But you know, crying really can release one's emotion. I watched Stairway to Heaven yesterday. When I found that my mood was dropping I tried to stop that and pent-up my emotion.. It's hard to breath while I was trying to do that. Luckily Jinn came back not long after that.
Got my birthday present which is from 'Jean'? 'Jinn'? whatever.. He's San's roommate. He wanted to give me since de early time but that stupid San kept it until Sumay passed it to me yesterday. It's a small.. erm.. how to say ler? There are some colourful candles.. Haiya.. It's just a thing for decoration...
My roommate Jinn is in a relationship, that guy is AhSan~ Ha! It was in my expectation that San will go after her one day.. Ha, ha!
Got know that my friends met an accident. Hope that they're not get any injury and be alright. Be careful ok? It's really frightened me while I got know this news.. Lemme know you guy's condition as well... Take care yea my friends..

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