Monday, August 15, 2005

relax..comfortable..out of stress~

Went out with Kraft yesterday. I met a new friend- Chandra. Sometimes we called him Chan also. Since I knew him till I went back, only 8 hours..but we were just looked like knew each other for 8 months.. Got lot of topoics.. And another important thing is, he is PENANG guy~ Ha, Ha, Ha~~!!!..He is 185cm tall.. thin... and I was like out of stress while talk with himmm Finally found one can have a same topic with me.. He understands what I said and I do so.. He knew I'm from Clb cz I told him my secondary sch is strict.. He's a BM guy.. Then.. He knows how to speak hokkien..a lil bit but he got de slang.. Mandarin also a lil bit but de slang sounds weird.. I was so excited while talking with him! He's cool man! He n Kraft are so cool! Kraft can rap so well..he likes free style songs wut...
We went to a friend's house near BBU there.. There got musics.. bbq n so on.. Quite enjoy yesterday..enjoyed talking with him..Ha, ha.. He doesn't have a gf b4 but he used to observe ppl alot..
We went back bout 3a.m...Finaz was there also.. She n Syahidah went back with us also.. Then Chan n I sat outside of Southern there..there are some wooden chairs n tables..belongs to Southern.. Got gate wut.. So we went into and started talk n talk n talk.. We still can go inside although Southern is closed. Many students there also sometimes.. Then after that Kraft joined us.. We talked until morning 7 s.thing man!! Almost 5 hours u know.. Actuall Kraft went up at about 5 something cz he wanna download de songs..After that he came down again.. scolded f*cking EP damn connection..LOL... Then we went to Patronas..had coco crunch+milk there.. Went back at 8...I woke up at 5p.m. today ler..had chocolate then joined Jinn them to MMU Corner lo... her phone call... friend, dun think too much.. just concentrate on what u want now.. try to beat de target k? Remember what I said? I'll be with u are my friend~

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