Sunday, August 21, 2005

Reality is always cruelty...

Last time while still think of yb, always thought that perhaps one day we'll be with each other again.. Now I think back.. Ha, impossible lar.. and I don't care bout it..
Now de same things happened. Even though I'm always telling myself that that is impossible for both of us to be with again.. cz I was forcing myself to face de truth...that's why i'm telling myself that..
Think of this prob yesterday.. I was wondering, last time I used to think that i still have chance with yb.. cz that time still care bout that.. But these days.. I was wondering.. Am I really dont have chance anymore, wait.. it doesn't mean that i want de chance.. i mean is it both of us really dont have chance anymore? cause u see..that time i was giving hope in yb's stuff cz that time still care bout him.. now..? doesn't it shows that i still care bout G? cz i'm still hoping that.. I know..reality is always cruelty.. something which is gone couldn't come back anymore.. I have to think about that..yb was an example d.. I dun wanna give any hope into that anymore.. Please make me dun think bout him anymore... can I? but at least dun let me think of him for now... Maybe one day I'll think that it doesn't matter anymore bout we'll being together or not.. Then..that's de time I've let him go...
Arrghh... my head gonna explode!!!

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